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10p Seeds at Wilkinsons - AGM Varieties!!!


I put this on the moneysaving board but feel it needs to be bumped because wilko are virtually giving these away.

I bought 20 packs of veg and herb seeds for next year last night at 10p a pack. Yes they have lots of seeds at 60p 80p £1 - but this included the red packet AGM varieties that were over £2 to buy like

Runner Bean - Equator - 3.15 for 45 seeds (exp 2014 but keep cool and dark for 10p)
Pea - vixen - 2.75 for 300 seeds (exp 2015)
Kale - Reflex - 2.55 for 50 seeds (exp 2015)
Brussels - Bosworth - 30 seeds (exp 2015)
Tomato - Ferline F1 - 2.35 (10 seeds 2015)
Onion Santero F1 - 2.35 100 seeds (exp 2015)

Honestly when I got home I couldn't believe it and got over £35 pounds worth of seeds for £2 - YOU MUST GO!!!

Also module trays pack of 3 for 20p (24 cell and 40 cell
The long plastic window sill propagators for 75p
and loads more
This was the Sheffield City Centre Store but I'm guessing end of season as usual - they want to get rid for Chrimbo!



  • FarwayFarway Forumite
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    Thanks, will pop in tomorrow, I use the reductions to try varieties I have not grown before. I Just hope my local store has the same redutions
  • Dizzy_DitzyDizzy_Ditzy Forumite, Ambassador
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    My store didn't have seeds but they had the module trays, windowsill propagators and gravel trays for 10p :j
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  • savemoneysavemoney Forumite
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    I got some bargains today. Can't believe 8 full packets of seeds in a box for 20p wish I got the last remaining one now


    I also got some packets of seeds for 30p each not many left and little choice


    I also got two white clay half moon pots quite heavy for £1 each to put on the wall of the house

    If you want any bargains don't delay they will be gone soon
  • I have also gone a bit mental, I'm too ashamed to confess to how many packets I actually bought...

    I will be passing some on to my SIL as they don't have a Wilko nearby.

    I couldn't believe the prices in there today though. Cloche pegs, 1p a bundle. Pot saucers 5p for a pack of 5, this has probably been the best year for reductions, they didn't even bother with the 75% off thing. I did notice there was a whole section of 3 for 2 seeds further down the aisle, still full price, I wonder what they will do with them.

    Happy sowing in 2015 and beyond :)
  • SlubberdSlubberd Forumite
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    I have also gone a bit mental, I'm too ashamed to confess to how many packets I actually bought...

    Your in good company...:embarasse

    I was so excited when I got home!!!

    Just bought a couple of slug traps and a soaker house in Poundland today too....
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