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I've had a Premier Account with Lloyds TSB for 8 years and use all the benefits.
After learning about the miss-selling of bank accounts I decided to delve deeper!
I phoned up and told the advisor I was unhappy that I was told I could only increase my overdraft limit by taking out a Premier Account.
Apparently this was not the case. To make my case stronger I also said I felt I was not fully explained about the advantages of the benefits.
I spoke to an advisor and then a manager. The manager said he will look into my query and get back to me.
Two days later I was offered £1941.00 for my inconvenience. I received the money in my account that night.
Thanks Martin 👍💷


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    I think I'll complain to Lloyds about the minimal interest I receive on my savings account, which will no doubt reduce even further if they just give away nearly £2K for "the inconvenience" of a miss-sold bank account.
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    I think the op has worded it badly. £1941 wont be for inconvenience. If it was, it would be crazy. You would want to be mis-sold something to be better off.
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