Insolvent company... Voluntary redundancy.. HELP!

So my oh company has been made insolvent but has taken over by the owner dad as a new company.

They have been told that as the company has been made insolvent they are allowed to claim voluntary redundancy from the government or stay in with the new company.

My oh wants to take the redundancy as he has been there 12years and wants a change. But will the fact that he refused a new job with the new owner affect his redundancy pay?

Thanks in advance

Natasha 😃


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    This might fall under TUPE.

    Given they are saying you can claim VR from government they don't know what they are talking about.

    There is a process to get money for notice/redundancy you need to get the information from the insolvency practitioner dealing with this.

    You are obliged to mitigate losses so looking for new work and any payments for JSA and new work mean the payout gets adjusted.

    As the company has been restarted it may be that TUPE applies I would look into that as well to see if there is a case to start with continuity of employment.
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