Commute from Collier's Wood to Ashford Hospital (Surrey)

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Hi all,

My partner is starting a new job shortly at Ashford Hospital just near Heathrow Airport. She is a bit concerned about the commute from where we live in Collier's Wood so I have just been looking at what her options are. Would be good to get some feedback from anyone on here!

1. Drive. This would be about 16 miles each way according to Google Maps, but in rush hour traffic in London could take absolutely ages to get there. Also not sure if she is able to park at the hospital for free as a member of staff. Petrol-wise our car is quite economical so I think this would potentially be quite a cheap option if parking is free, but the stress and time of commute wouldn't be ideal.

2. Tube. This would involve getting to Wimbledon (about a 15 minute bus journey) then the District Line to Earl's Court, followed by the Piccadilly Line to Hatton Cross. There is then a bus which goes from Hatton Cross tube to the hospital. The tube would be £2.70 each way on the tube, plus 4 bus journeys at £1.45 each to make a total of £11.20 per day. This would also take a long time, TFL journey planner is suggesting between 1h40-2h00 each way

3. Train. The quickest option but most expensive. Northern Line from Collier's Wood to Balham, then overground train from Balham to Clapham Junction, then overground train from Clapham Junction to Ashford, then a 15 minute walk to the hospital. On a monthly season ticket from Clapham to Ashford it works out at about £9 a day. Then on top of that is the cost of getting from Collier's Wood to Clapham Junction via Balham, which I think is £2.20 each way. So that'd work out at £13.40 per day.

I guess overall train is looking like the best option, would probably take about 1h20 all in and costs just a couple more pounds than the tube. Driving would be good in theory but the traffic and uncertainty over journey time (always needing to leave early on the off chance of awful traffic etc.) make that less appealing.

I don't know if there is anything I'm overlooking or getting wrong but would be great to get some input from some of you! Btw it is only for 6 months this job so while the commute is far from ideal it is something she will just have to grin and bear. After that she is working a hospital just 5 minutes walk away from where we live so that will make a refreshing change!
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