Thoughts on a beginner's guitar

does anyone have any opinions on this

as a beginner's guitar? i am talking absolute, know nothing beginner who is an adult but v. petite.

she has been to a local music shop and tested out full size and 3/4 size and was best off with the 3/4 cos she struggled with the bulk of a full one. she didnt buy from the shop though as the guy was really grumpy and a bit rude! shame really as she tries to support the high street instead of buying online.

anyway, does the above look ok?

btw it is from a charity but they are new, not second hand


  • wingates
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    You can try them in Sue Ryder, their ukuleles are rubbish though.
    A watched pot always boils. :j
  • googler
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    Can't tell a thing about it from the pictures. The beginner needs to try it for size and playability, and perhaps have an experienced player look at it too.
  • bluep
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    To be honest I would expect these to be pretty rubbish.
    Why not try Amazon - at least that way you can try and get a brand name guitar (depending on what you want to spend) and read the reviews. For example, at the bottom end of things is this Encore that people seem happy with for beginners:

    Personally, I'd spend a bit more and get an instrument that is probably going to last her a bit longer (for example, my first guitar was from a music shop when I was 12 for £90 and it's still my first choice today if I'm off camping or somewhere as its a bit bashed up but sounds great - I obviously prefer the tone of the yamaha I bought for £500 but you do kind of get what you pay for).

    Little more expensive but seems to be a recommend beginner's guitar for proper lessons:
  • WeAreGhosts
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    i have tried one myself in a shop, it sounded okay, but i was concerned that she might have trouble with there not being enough space for her fingers on the strings. she is petite in stature but thought it would be best suited to child sized hands.
    apparently the sue ryder ones are made by the yamaha factory ...

    thank for the recommendations. i have had a mooch on amazon also and found this:
    seems to get good reviews ....
  • wingates
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    The dreadnought is a very big guitar, I would stick to normal Spanish guitar at first.
    A watched pot always boils. :j
  • As a guitar player myself, I will say that she needs to look at a variety of different makes, also to factor in is what style she want to play, classic, classic rock, Spanish finger style, folk, blue'setc. there would be no point in having a acoustic if she wants to play stuff like rock and roll.

    I find cheap guitars have rough frets in the kneck and the note gets bummed out, plus the consistent loss in tuning (cheapo strings) and forget trying harmonics on a cheap guitar.

    I had a beautiful fender sunburst CD60 until my kids got hold, I replaced the strings with Thomastik AC111 (or ac112's) Plectrum Bronze Acoustic medium light they are really good long lasting tune keeping strings I swear by and they made a fantastic note.
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