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Change of work pattern.

I work in a company were there are six managers, one works nights, and the other five work a mix of different hours on a Monday to Friday basis, we cover one weekend in every five weeks and get Monday and Tuesday off as Lieu days.

The company are now changing our job titles and also have requested that we do three months each on a weekend which will entail working Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 4 X 12 hour shifts, we currently work a Monday to Friday working 10 hour days with an unpaid lunch.

The Weekend shift we have all declined as we have families and I have my children every weekend. We were told that if we could not come to any agreement that one of us will be chosen and that's that, if we don't like it we know what we can do basically. If the person that is chosen then leaves the company if there are no other positions available the company will recruit a full time weekend manager.

This position although more hours does not come with any extra pay.

My contract states hours of work are Monday to Friday between the hours of 7am and 7pm also working the weekend management rota.

We have not been given any notice and want to implement this change within the next 5 weeks,

I am stuck as to my rights as I am classed as white collar.

Many Thanks for any help.


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    There is nothing to stop you having union representation

    Employers can run the company how they like and make changes if they belief they will improve the business.

    As a group you need to consult and negotiate on the proposal

    Find out why they want the change why/how will it imrove the business, what problem is it trying to solve etc.

    5 weeks is notice but may not be considered enough, anyone been working there more than 5 years? what the normal notice requirements.

    You may have to look at treating this as a redundancy situation as your current jobs are going and they are proposing new ones,

    It will then be down to if the changes are suitable alternatives.

    Other things need to be covered like what will the holiday situation be for those that do 3 month on 4day 12hr shift followed by another pattern.

    How will they cover sick and holiday during the 3 months, if everyone else is busy?

    Rather than just refuse to make the change, work with the more senior management to come to a resolution that works for everyone.
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