What did you find out about Morrisons after using your £5 vouchers?

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  • As mentioned, I was surprised by how cheap a few things are, milk at 87p for 2 litres? Also liked the way they group the sub £5 wines together.

    However which genius decided to put the new-build in Crawley on the second floor, so you can't just wander in off the high street?

    Never even found the reduced "yellow label" section (sorry MSE!), so may have to check that out sometime.
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    I feel a bit bad about the negative comments so want to readdress the balance.

    I get my groceries from Lidl as it's good quality, good value and local. I also shop in Waitrose and Tesco.
    I went out my way to go to Morrisons for this offer but it's still only <4miles away. They had good variety of fruit n veg. I'm still eating mine. It said ripen at home and the flat peaches are very soft and juicy now that they've shared the fruit bowl with the bananas.

    I do think the quality depends on your store. My parents tend to buy meat, fish fruit and veg and bread. They like the pastries but I personally find they're overdone (almost burnt!)

    It was a good detraction but I'll def stick to my Lidl, Waitrose and Tesco.
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    Our Morrisons has lovely fruit and veg.
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    Slightly off topic as I didn't get the voucher, but I did buy the 4 Granny Smiths for 99p a week ago. I cut them up for drying and the cores were full of some sort of grubs. I only managed to get just over half of them in a fit state for dehydration. The organic lovers would think this was a good thing, but I didn't - I have had much much better apples from Aldi at the same price.
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    Well I didn't learn anything from having the voucher, but I did learn something from this thread, and other thread.


    Because once you do the fruit and veg in every other supermarket seems to go bad as soon as you enter the store.

    Every body who gets bad fruit and veg at any supermarket always shops at aldi or lidl.

    I think everybody likes to think they shop in the best supermarket, no matter what it is. But it seems that the only way some aldi and lidl shoppers can claim they are the best is by dragging down the other supermarkets.

    They used to claim aldi was 30% cheaper, then they just claimed it was cheaper. Now they are saying it is the same price as Morrisons, well for apples at least, but Morrisons apples are full of grubs.
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    Well I shop at Morrisons all the time anyway, so it was no change for me. I find the quality of food good. Twice I have bought fruit and veg from Aldi lately and it has gone mouldy in two days, not good.
  • Learnt more about how inherently greedt and stupid many people are.

    Spend 40p to get £5 of FRUIT&VEG yet people have used or tried to use the vouchers to cover other items.

    In future either the voucher will be severely restricted to certain products/spend or just not given:mad:
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    I had quite a few vouchers to use up and am unlucky enough to have 2 mozzo's in my town so from Thurs to Sun I went a few times. I doubt I will ever go back unless I spot something tinned on here or the other deal sites. I experienced poor quality in plenty of the stuff I came out with with but did buy plenty of the 3 things that had long dates on........corn cobs, cooked beetroot, coconuts so in the end it makes up for the other stuff being a little under par.
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    I've shopped at Morrisons, Hillsborough for years and generally the fresh fruit and veg is pretty good. I find that they can be a bit lax with sell by dates on things like yogurts and prepacked meats but just take stuff from the rear of the shelf which is where the newer stock is always hidden.
    I did try Aldi 6 months ago but found the fruit and veg went off very quickly and also found a lot of the pre packed fruit mouldy on opening. There is also limited choice at Aldi eg I went in last week to get some of their washing powder (which is excellent) and also needed some red and yellow peppers. Aldi only sell packs of 3 so when I looked there were only packs of 2 green and 1 red or 2 green and 1 yellow:mad:.
    Oh and I bought 4 Suns last week so thanks Mr M £20 off my bill last week. As an addendum when I paid with the coupon for my £5 free f&V it also kicked out 2 £1-50 vouchers so including paying for the Sun I'm £21-40 up:T
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    I find the Morries fruit and veg ok in my local stores. They generally bag up anything looking poor and reduce. Some not so poor stuff reduced also, so bargains to be had.

    I like the Morries deli counter and although prices have crept up there, they still have decent offers. Gammon ham for 89p per 100g for example.
    Butchers also have decent meat offers when half-price.

    I've probably shopped more and more in Morries these last few months, but as I mainly do, concentrate on the offers and avoid full price stuff.

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