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MoneySaving Poll: The Annual Census

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Poll started 30 June 2014

The Annual Census

So who are MoneySavers? Rather than data-mining, we decided the politest way to find out was just to ask. Plus we thought you may like to find out a little bit more about who else uses this site (or more accurately, who uses this site and answers the polls).

Welcome to the first annual MSE census.

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click this.

If you haven’t already, join the forum to reply. If you aren’t sure how it all works, read our New to Forum? Intro Guide.



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    When it came to Employment status, I had to put part-time as it was the closest thing to 'Casual labour on zero hour contract' that I could see.
  • John_GrayJohn_Gray Forumite
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    I suspect they have been extinct for some years, but my favourite flavour of crisps was Bovril... :tongue:
  • I answered everything except sexuality which I said prefer not to say.

    I'm quite happy to say heterosexual on here, straight is the wrong word, my best friend is a gay man, I wouldn't call him bent (or anyone else because of their sexuality) and straight is the opposite of bent!
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  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    In response to Gordon - we've changed the language. We agree straight and homosexual isn't right. We debated and decided to go colloquial and now have straight and gay/lesbian and bisexual. We took this from Stonewall's website language.
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  • there needs to be an unsure option in the religion bit lol
    The only people I have to answer to are my beautiful babies aged 8 and 5
  • All the gay people I know use the term straight to be fair, I just think it's dumb personally, if Stonewall say it's fine who am I to argue lol.
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  • plebeianplebeian Forumite
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    Can't help but think, as there are 17 available answers to the crisps question, there should be more than the 2 current mutually exclusive options for gender.

    Not something that will affect me personally, but some people identify with gender in a different way.

    I may be missing the point here but I think it's worth considering.
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  • JimmyTheWigJimmyTheWig Forumite
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    Shocked to see that respondents are 97% white.
  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    I used to like Bovril crisps as well, they do taste like Marmite crisps.

    Interesting to see high proportion of women
  • TobermoryTobermory Forumite
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    Would have preferred to have seen 'homemaker' and 'carer' as separate options
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