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AA Vodafone Personal Roadwatch

Androcles Forumite Posts: 77 Forumite
I just had my Vodafone bill come in. There was a charge for using "Personal Roadwatch" for 20 minutes at a cost of £25.54 at a time when I was at home and writing emails. I had used the service by dialling 2222 the day before for road traffic information, and been charged £3.08 for 2m25s. I had used the service in the past but had not realised that the AA and Vodafone had apparently relaunched it as a premium rate service.

I complained and Vodafone agreed to credit me for the call, but just this once as a good will gesture. My issue, which I wanted to warn others about is that they said that they, Vodafone, were billed by a third party for me using the service! but when I asked who should I complain to, they said they had no details as to who issued the charge (????!!). When I then googled Personal Roadwatch, no organisation appears who you can contact, but a load of forums where there are hundreds of exactly my complaint, appear - lots of people been billed for exactly 20 minutes for a call they did not make and apparently no-one can determine who is responsible for raising the charge - very suspicious! So don't use 2222 if you are on Vodafone or there are apparently another couple of networks who also access this service, of whom it seems Talk Talk may be one. Has this happened to anyone else and have you been able to resolve,it and find who is responsible for the charging?




  • cottagecat
    cottagecat Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I too have had to pay £22.94 for a call to Personal Roadwatch that I did not make. I apparently have to believe that my phone dialled this number even though I keep my keypad locked. (It shows on my call list). As this has happened to so many people I would like to know what happens when the call is answered by Personal Roadwatch and there is no one on the line! They obviously just leave it on for at least 20 minutes and await payment from Vodafone. I cannot believe that there is no way of having this charge reimbursed. Personal Roadwatch have not provided me with information or any other service so they should refund my money.
  • spamalia
    spamalia Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    Hi I have just received a bill on my 13 year old daughters phone through Talk Talk .
    They suspended her mobile I thought she must of gone over on her texts but when I eventually got through to someone as you are still unable to use website unless you have there broadband.
    was told that the bill was £30 and it was a call to personal roadwatch at 8.20 in the morning which she would of been on her way to school.
    They have told me they will not reconnect the phone til the bill is paid.
    I don't know where I stand on this but am so angry that they are expecting me to pay this when it's clearly some sort of mistake .
    Just wondering if anyone would know what would happen if I refuse to pay and just set her up with a new sim with someone else.
    Was going to cancel sim anyway as I have just left talk talk because of price increases.
  • JJ_Egan
    JJ_Egan Forumite Posts: 20,281
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    <Just wondering if anyone would know what would happen if I refuse to pay>
    Credit record trashed for six years and bill passed to recovery agency is the usual answer .
  • buglawton
    buglawton Forumite Posts: 9,235
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    And a warm welcome to rip-off Britain, home of the legal scam.
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