Grateful for any advice on my current position.

I work for local government. The budget situation led to consultation on a load of proposals last autumn, which didn't mention my section. However, I was then told that there would be restructuring and my post was to be made redundant and my team distributed among other managers ( the section was easy pickings as my manager had just taken ER/VR).

In May I was offered a choice of 3 posts on the same grade, and asked which I was interested in. I made a choice, was interviewed under ' prior consideration' and offered the job which started at the beginning of June.

Under the rules of redeployment there is a 4 week trial either side. This finishes tomorrow. There is an option for a further 4 week trial

I am struggling with the new job - the culture etc is alien, and I feel like I have been demoted. I have gone from being a member of the senior management team with my own office and manager of a very well regarded team doing cutting edge transformation work to sharing an office with HR, finance and programme management, not a member of anything so don't know what is going on. I am expected to be around to answer the phones when there is no-one else in the office. When I was offered the job I was told I would be 'a real asset' because of my professional background, but I am now cut off from that.

I have not had any written notification of my post being made redundant. The council has a policy of trying to redeploy where possible ( no-one has been made redundant to date). My new manager isn't around tomorrow so there is no opportunity to discuss whether it is a suitable appointment from either side. She has indicated that we will discuss it next week. I have told her that I am finding it difficult and feel like I am being punished despite having delivered on some really high profile and important projects in my old role.

My boss's boss has indicated that she wants me in this new team to 'push on through' and achieve what I did in my old role. There is an area I am really interested in but I am not allowed to work on this until all the governance etc has been agreed which could be many months away.

Ideally I need to keep working for another 2/3 years until my youngest finishes Uni and I can build up my meager pension a little bit. I was 58 last birthday, and to be honest have had enough of the whole mess.

So (apologies for the long preamble) what should I do?
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