1 free courier parcel delivery for new customers from Parcel2Go value up to £10

Taken from site: Please enter this promotional code TVFREE while placing your order.

To everyone at Ward 40, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, from the specialist to the tea lady, many thanks for everything.


  • Just used newer code for parcel2go and used different email address and used middle name instead of christian name.
    hey presto , second free credit of £10
    came across code initially on hot UK deals.:cool:
  • good find. have some summer pressies to send, so timing is perfect
  • WizzbangWizzbang Forumite
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    Thanks so much, just saved myself £10 on a big parcel I would have sent via Collect+ anyway, but easy to go through them and SAVE!
    Extra income since 01/11/12 £36,546.45

  • crystal9crystal9 Forumite
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    Can't believe this has had over 800 views yet only 5 thanks.

    Thank you op I just used and manged to get free next day delivery
    have now given up smoking since feb 13th 2014 loving the money I'm saving
  • epm-84epm-84 Forumite
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    crystal9 wrote: »
    Can't believe this has had over 800 views yet only 5 thanks.

    Thank you op I just used and manged to get free next day delivery

    Well the same person could view the same thread a number of times, while you need to be signed up and logged in to add 'Thanks' but not to view the deal. Also I imagine most people, like me, don't add 'Thanks' for everything they view because it's not every thread I view is something I can make use of.
  • Thanks for this, was able to send on things I was unable to deliver in person and the money it's saved me was very welcome.

    Have to say the service online was excellent - I got in a pickle with finishing the order, and thought I had lost using the promotion code, but an online chat person helped me out and now the parcel awaits collection.

    For the service I used (door to door delivery), you need access to a printer to print out the lading(?) label with the barcode on that the courier will scan.

    Extra note: website offers insurance on your package over and above the minimum offered as standard. If you accept this, it is NOT included in the offer (even if the total is still below £10), and you will be charged for the extra insurance.
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