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'I predict the first 'car insurance marketplaces' will start in...' blog discussion

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  • atypicalatypical Forumite
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    If the comparison sites become marketplaces we might need new comparison sites to compare the marketplaces.

    Only said half in jest.
  • EctophileEctophile Forumite
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    I've tended to avoid the price comparison sites anyway. You have to give your entire life history to them before they will you give you a quote, and when you read the small print in the T&Cs, you find that you will be bombarded with junk mail for ever more if you do it.

    I just stick with the old fashioned method of ringing round a few direct insurance companies and a few brokers. It doesn't take many calls to find out what the going rate is.
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  • jamesdjamesd Forumite
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    Maybe comparison sites should be comparing the prices of retailers rather than being retailers displaying their own prices instead?
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