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Books for Free at Healthy Planet

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Do you really give away books for free?

Yes we do! "Books for Free" rescues unwanted books otherwise destined for landfill or pulping. Healthy Planet redistributes these books - for free - throughout communities via our 36 volunteer-run Books for Free centres on high streets nationwide.

Books for free is part of Sustainable Community, where in three years we have helped save over 1,500 tonnes of books from landfill and pulping each year and redistribute them through our centres where they are swapped and shared.

Without Books For Free, thousands upon thousands of books would end their lives piled up on a landfill or torn apart for pulping. Surprisingly, this number includes unsold books that have never been used. It’s an unimaginable waste on many levels. So that’s why Healthy Planet set up Books for Free, a project that is as simple and straightforward as it sounds.

"It's fantastic. What's not to love about free books?" - Gravesend 'Books for Free' Visitor

How does it work?

We collect unwanted books which would otherwise end up on the scrapheap, and instead redistribute them from our nationwide Books for Free centres and Books for Free stands at festivals. This allows us to conserve one of our most valuable resources: books that make us laugh, cry, educate and inspire.

Our centres and festival stands are run by dedicated volunteers, who love the Books for Free idea so much that they decided to get involved. Maybe you would like to join them? Click here to find out more.

You don’t have to bring your unwanted books, though you can if you like – and the only thing we ask is you take a maximum of three books, so that as many people as possible can benefit.

So, come along to one of our centres or maybe we’ll see you at a festival, find yourself a book and do good for free!

Take a look at our books for free case study to find out more
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