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Halfway There!

in Debt-free wannabe
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Well I'm past the halfway mark! :)

Thought I'd start a new thread to indulge in some self glory! :p :rotfl:

As of today;

Egg (Limit - £500) 17.9% - £0
Capital One (Limit - £3,000) 16.9% - £0
Morgan Stanley (Limit - £1,915) 5.9% - £1,585.63
American Express (Limit - £2,900) 4.9% - £2,222.86
Barclaycard (Limit - £1,750) 4.9% - £1,487.84
Tesco Loan 6.7% - £11,309.52
Alliance & Leicester O/D (Limit £500) 0% - £434.88

Total: £17,040.73

Next on the hit list is Morgan Stanley. I'm aiming to pay that off by the end of September which will take a bit of going but I feel I'm flying at the moment. :D

Still 17,000 big ones to pay off but hey, we're getting there! It's not been easy but I wouldn't have swapped it for the world. Honest! ;)


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