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I'm going to visit a potential venue for my wedding soon and wanted to know if anyone has any tips on what to say and how to negotiate prices etc.

I want to go in with a plan and try to come out with the best price possible.

We have a budget of about £7k to spend on the venue. I have been told not to tell them how much we have available to spend straight away and wait to see what they offer before.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi
    I have finally booked my venue and church after looking for ages . Firstly have your numbers for guests in your head for day/ night only because depending on location they may have different rooms for different numbers and also different rates.
    Secondly dates as weekends and certain times of year are busy so if you choose a peak time they may not be open to change price as they could be certain that someone else could pay the price they ask .
    Thirdly does the location insist on anything such as using their caterers , DJ , decorator of venue as this could be add on costs which can majorly affect budget .
    Finally when cost comes up (I found this after tour of venue) just say you have a budget in mind and with the breakdown of the costs which they should give you that's when to see what can be changed and money saved .

    Good luck :)
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    I got some money off ours by saying that we really liked the venue but it was over budget and was there room for negotiating. Of course that tact won't work everywhere so would suggest you go straight in with saying that you were looking to pay x amount (go at least £500 less than you actually want to pay and be confident when saying it), and ask if the price is negotiable.

    Because you say less than the actual price you want to pay, they'll always try to bump you up in the negotiating, so by saying less than you want to pay you'll probably be lucky and only have to negotiate to the real price you had in mind.
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