Hi All

Since the beginning of April my job has changed immensely with the volume decreasing massively whilst being offshore to Bangalore. After a week of this and with no communication my own manager advised me to contact HR as he was being excluded from information too (he's since been made redundant). I emailed our local HR person on the 8th April and gave all the information I had and asked 2 questions - was my role in jeopardy and if so was I at risk. She came back and said she didn't know and that I should speak to my manager...arghhh! Since that time I've pushed and pushed for answers and today I have finally been invited to a meeting next week as it would appear that I'm 'at risk'.

The problem I have is that I've been offered another job and I want to take it and although my notice period is 3 months we are all hoping that I can start at the beginning of August (my manager has already said that he'll facilitate this for me). I haven't handed my notice in yet as I haven't received my written offer or contract.

If I'm told, which I think I will be, that my role is redundant can I rightfully claim that my notice started on the 8th April when I originally asked the question? Can they insist that I work my notice in order to get my redundancy even though that might mean I can't accept the other role?

All of this is giving me a headache!

Thanks :)
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