Descaling a coffee machine ?

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Have had a Dolce Gusto coffee machine for about six months.Today when I was making a cappuccino and it virtually stopped.
Having realised they recommend descaling it every 3 or 4 Months , looked on the website and the descaling kit was about £10 including delivery.
Do I definitely need the recommended kit or can I get a cheaper descsling kit from the Supermarket ?
Thanks for any replies
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    You can buy generic descaler liquid for irons and coffee machines from the supermarket in the cleaning aisle. Mine was about £3.00.

    Alternatively (Old style) try descaling with citric acid (you could try googling for other people's results with vitamin C powder if you're a homemaker and already have it in, as it's the same ingredient).

    Using white vinegar is unfortunately stinky, and leaves a residual taste.
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    I would use white vinegar, the same as I do for the kettle.
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    Citric acid - most brewing sections will have enough in a tub for a modest sum.
    Vinegar works but takes a lot of rinsing to remove any fear of remaining contamination!
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    I have a dolce gusto coffee machine. I've never used their descaling kits just a generic descaler (think it was for irons). It worked fine. If water is coming out slowly, it might be the water outlet is clogged. If you take out the coffee pod holder there's a small spout (that pierces the pod and squirts the water in). The machine came with a small pin (I lost mine!) but use any pin or give it a wipe. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks for the helpful replies.Will pick up some descaler from Wilkos for it.
    Thanks for the tip on the water outlet , will check it with a pin later.
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    citric acid from wilkos is 75pence , mixed it with a litre of water and ran through my phillips senseo (they recommend it as it goes) and cleared all the gunk from it

    just flush with fresh water before use
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  • I think is the cheapest of all. I also tried a few other sites but they are much or a bit more expensive.
  • The coffeee machine which we purchased last year is a traditional coffee maker by Russell Hobbs and in their handbook it advises to use white vinegar and water (basically half and half) and run through the machine. Then use a clean water flush through after it to clear any residue out. Its works fine!
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