The Great Hunt: It's June, so what have you bought for Christmas?

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It's never too early to start your Christmas shopping - many MoneySavers start in January, never mind June. But with just over six months to go, what have you bought, and what can you save money on by buying well in advance of the big day?

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    claireandrichardclaireandrichard Forumite
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    if you said christmas day was tomorrow all i would have to do is wrap them up!!:j
    purchased them all in the January sales
    only thing i would have a problem with is the food!
  • got the kids bdays in septemeber and novemeber so they are all done apart from wrapping

    got quite a few of the xmas pressies done still have a couple of people to buy for but should be done within the next 2 months :)
    The only people I have to answer to are my beautiful babies aged 8 and 5
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    Bought most of mine in Jan sales too. Also got wrapping paper and cards :)

    2021 wins: noise cancelling headphones
  • I have bought all my gifts while the the Bodyshop has their sales on also when they hand out free items it is a bonus another gift sorted. I get the bath scrunches from Home Bargains when they are on offer.So instead of a Bodyshop pack costing full price for shower gel, body butter and bath scrunches the region of £18 it is £5.30. Great for the office secret santa. :T :T
  • gloriouslyhappygloriouslyhappy Forumite
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    I've bought presents for most of my friends, we have an agreement that we buy small things only, and as many of them collect things like unusual xmas ornaments, I was able to get really expensive ones in the January sales which are tucked aside ready for this year, along with boxes of xmas cards (29p), gift tags (10p) and xmas crackers - got those ridiculously expensive ones usually £20 for 8!!! for a mere £2.69.

    Also got some of those mini booze-and-chocs gift packs at a quarter of original cost, nothing over £4, and always choose the non-xmas themed ones so I can give as gifts during the year.

    And the big bargain, I got two £15 xmas fruit cakes for £1.75 - you can't buy the ingredients for that price! I turned them upside down so as not to disturb the pretty icing, skewered them, gave them a healthy dollop of brandy, then sealed the bottom with a sheet of ready-roll fondant icing, also on sale, and wrapped them up tightly in grease-proof paper then foil before putting them in the back of the cupboard. We had one last week for an engagement party and it was absolutely delicious, I just carefully removed the xmas bauble icing ornaments and replaced it with two red roses from the garden and a home-made fondant icing heart with their names on it. Looked great, and I've still got the other one ready for this xmas.
  • cazpostcazpost Forumite
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    I've got a beautiful brooch for a friend in a Church Bazaar,£3,in it's box,looks like it was never worn. A lovely necklace for Mum,in a different Church bazaar,50p.Will wrap that in tissue an a nice box. A gorgeous book for a friend,in a Book Fair .£15,but worth a lot more,I know the dealer so got it cheap! I've got a selection of hand creams etc for girls at work, over £40 in the shop but as I bought it online using voucher codes etc got it for £20 and thats 6 presents .Still got plenty of time. Also got several cards from a friend who hand makes them as a hobby and sells them for £1 each!
  • I bought Xmas cards in January, have my nephews birthday & Xmas stuff all bought in Tescos sale along with a couple of B&H gift sets. Got a couple of books in the Works sale, some bits for my mum in the C&E online sale and am currently watching some items in Ebay for others.
  • I_tryI_try Forumite
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    I've bought lots of childrens Christmas activity books, colouring books etc in January for 20p each instead of £5. Santa, reindeer and elf soft toys also bought in January clearance sale.

    I pick things up as I see them on offer, it's always useful to have a small stash of little gifts in stock. I try to buy toys in the big Sainsburys toy sale which I think is possibly around October time. Boots do a toy sale at the end of summer if I recall correctly and often have additional offers at the same time. Dotcomgiftshop sale online is great for bits to make up gifts with, I highly recommend the one-egg frying pan!

    I keep an eye on the Grabbit board on here, it helps to know when the clearance items are starting to be put out.
  • Leave it out, it's only June!!!
  • SailorSamSailorSam Forumite
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    I'll go in the Poundshop the week before Christmas and buy anyone something from there.
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