Wedding Fairs?

Hi everyone, i am doing a wedding fair in a couple of weeks, i have done craft fairs etc before but never a wedding one, so i have a few questions:
It is 11am -4pm

What should i expect as a seller?
What sort of things sell?
What do you go looking for?



  • Wedding fairs don't usually sell items on the day, it's not like a craft fair. You'd be expected to be selling cakes, photography, videography, table & chair dressing, suit hire, wedding dresses, venue hire etc. What were you planning on selling?
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    I make cards, jewellery and gifts. The organiser does know this. I also make invitations, favour boxes table decorations etc etc
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    I imagine you'll be showing lots of different samples and taking contact details rather than selling items on the day. One thing I'd say though is to have a price guide visible. Obviously you could be open to negotiation but I tend to steer clear of suppliers that aren't upfront about costs.
  • I've only been to a couple of wedding fairs but I didn't buy anything at them - they were much more useful for getting an idea of the sort of thing that was on offer and an idea of prices. So I'd say having lots of samples available to look at and knowing your prices/lead times etc back to front and upside down would be the main things I'd expect from an exhibitor. And if you have business cards make sure you've got plenty to hand as based on the amount I ended up with, you'll probably be handing out loads of them!
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    Two thoughts from somebody who's exhibited at several wedding fairs ...

    No reason why you can't sell stuff, but if you do, take plenty of change with you!

    And if the stuff you're showing is small, keep it well away from the front of your table. Some punters will have bored kids with them, and some of them may well be tempted ...
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  • i have bought from a wedding fair small items pageboy socks etc. so jewellery and other small bits will sell but also they were very useful for deciding on suppliers for things. if you have a facebook page or webpage make sure you promote that as i started looking after we got home at suppliers we were interested in.
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    Can anyone direct me to a list of upcoming wedding fairs? Thank you
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