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Hello everyone,

I am looking to see if it is worth trying to persuade my other half to go to Birmingham to look for an engagement rings.

My ideal ring would be a 1 carat emerald cut diamond, on a white coloured band.

Looking online and in the shops they are hitting about £2000 way above my budget, if we went to Birmingham jewellery quarter, would I get one ( or similar) for £1000 ish.

I have to think about the cost of petrol of getting to Birmingham from Leeds, and a possible overnight stay.




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    Just a thought, but have you looked at individual jewellery shops in Birmingham (and Leeds as I am guessing that is where you are from!)?

    I got engaged a couple of weeks ago and my OH got my ring from an individual jewellers. Took him the best part of a day to find after going in all the high street and chain jewellers, and he ended up getting a discount on it and got much more ring for the price than he would have done had he bought from a high street or chain shop. The jewellers he got it from also design and make their own rings so it is the only one of its design in existence :)
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    I would definitely go to Birmingham. I took my wife there when we got engaged and you got much more for your money and a much wider choice too. Most shops would make you pretty much what you wanted.

    If I'm honest though I'm not sure if £1k is enough for a 1 carat diamond. We paid £2.5k for a 0.75 carat but it was IF. The other choice was a 0.85 carat but that was VS1 if I remember rightly but the wife opted for the IF instead.

    I guess you 'could' get a 1 carat diamond but the clarity and colour would suffer a lot.

    But yes go, definitely go. For the same ring we paid £2.5k for, in the shops it would be > £4k. That sort of money saving should easily help persuade your OH to go.

    If you want, drop me a PM and I'll send you the number to the place we used. You could call them and just ask for their advice and prices. Just bear in mind that most of the shops expect you to haggle a bit so don't settle for the first price they give you. The icing on the cake was they mounted the diamond we wanted there & then. We went for a coffee, came back and left with the ring!
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    Hi ya Gadgeteer, I have just PM'd you.

    Thank you

  • gadgeteer_2gadgeteer_2 Forumite
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    Strange...i just sent a reply but it doesn't show in my sent folder. Let me know if you got the previous message.
  • cascaidcascaid Forumite
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    I know I'm way behind but here's my two cents, we used Mitchel & co in the jewellery quarter and got a stunning engagement ring with over 1ct of diamonds for about £2000 less than a high street jeweller (or Tiffany!)
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