MoneySaving Poll: Will you be going on holiday this summer?

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Will you be going on holiday this summer?

Summer’s here (or so they say), so for many it’s time to get your sunnies out and grab your bucket and spade for the big holiday getaway. Will you be going on holiday this year, or does the cost of travelling make you break out in a sweat?

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    There should be a "can't afford a holiday" option. I had to choose the "Not taking any significant time off/not changing our routine." as that was the closest, but people might choose that option simply because they're not bothered about having a holiday. (Yes, there are some, my husband would fit that category if we could afford a holiday.)
  • I'm not taking part in this poll as it doesn't have the obvious answer for many - not taking a holiday this year as I can't afford one
  • Second what has been said, no option for unable to afford holiday this year.
  • ScarletBeaScarletBea Forumite
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    Interesting to see that for MSE cities are always cloudy.... *roll eyes*
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  • It is frustrating because the intro actually assumes we are out of hard financial times! We wish it was truly over...... "The recession's over, or so we're told, and the bounce back is starting. Does this mean you'll be taking a holiday this summer?"
    As for so many of us the cuts have hit so we can't even afford to travel to visit family where we just need to spend on there is no chance of a holiday :-(
  • whitewingwhitewing Forumite
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    We have done some decorating and I don't think we'll be able to afford anything this year, especially as we have some more decorating to do at some point.
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  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    Hi just to answer a couple of points above.

    1. Why no 'we can't afford it option'.

    I think there's a touch of confusion, while the intro shows the reason for the poll is about afforability, what we wante d to understand is more what people will do rather than the drivers for that action.

    Therefore all the answers are about your plans, not your motivation. Thus those not going on holiday, for whatever reason, including 'cant afford it' should pick the 'not going on holiday' option.

    2. Someone says the intro assumes the hard times are over.

    Actually I wrote that line and was quite deliberate it says

    "The recession’s over, or so we’re told, and the bounce back is starting. Does this mean you’ll be taking a holiday this summer?"

    This is saying we're told the recession is over (and indeed it is, under the technical definition, but that's far from saying the bad times are gone, as I've written about many times). This poll is to test whether peoples actions are changing in terms of holidays.

    I hope that clears it up

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  • SailorSamSailorSam Forumite
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    I'm going to OurGate.
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  • Bella56Bella56 Forumite
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    Another "staycation" for us...might drive to a beach on one of the days off. Holidays are just too expensive, as much as I love them. With all the extras on the side (parking costs, extra food like ice cream cones & entry fees) it quickly gets ridiculous.
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  • TiglathTiglath Forumite
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    We're having our first holiday in nearly a decade - renting a cottage in Shropshire, which is still pretty exotic for us Londoners :)
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