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Respect for other dog walkers.

edited 31 May 2014 at 6:06PM in Pets & pet care
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meames_2meames_2 Forumite
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edited 31 May 2014 at 6:06PM in Pets & pet care
I just needed a little rant!!!


  • DaveTheMusDaveTheMus Forumite
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    If you want people to keep their dog away from your dog then put a muzzle on your dog......they'll be quick to move their dog if they think your dog is dangerous.
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  • thorsoakthorsoak Forumite
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    If you have a problem with your dog, then what about one of these leads:-
  • meames_2meames_2 Forumite
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    My dog wasn't the problem. Her dog was on top of mine. I wanted to prevent that from becoming a problem as he doesn't always like to play.
  • krlyrkrlyr Forumite
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    Apparently "My dog's contagious!" tends to speed people up a bit more than "My dog doesn't want to meet yours"!
  • Person_onePerson_one Forumite
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    Original post has gone, but unfortunately sunny summer days and school holidays do tend to bring out dog walkers who don't usually bother, don't really know the 'unwritten rules' and don't generally have very well socialised dogs. I take mine out at either 8am or 8pm and don't have too many problems.
  • gettingreadygettingready Forumite
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    Did not see the original post so no idea what happened?

    While out with Zara today I had a dog run up to her (Zara was on a lead) from farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away - I was shouting to the owner to call her dog and owner shouting back to me "she won't come when I call".

    I lost the count of times when I feel like strangling the owner...

    R the "put a muzzle on your dog" comment above from someone - guess what?

    I for example will NOT put a muzzle on my dog when she is with me and on a lead - as much as I am in control of my dog and stop her from remote possibility of hurting other dogs by keeping her on a lead with dogs around.. I will NOT put her in danger of being attacked by an off lead dog and not being able to defend herslef if a dog was to attack her.

    I am in charge of and responsible for MY dog - not for every dog.
  • It's common sense really.. my dog's really soft but if I see another walker approaching with their dog on a lead I shout mine over and put his lead on till we've passed. Same if I see any children, I put him on the lead and quite often they'll come up and ask if it's ok to stroke him.
  • krlyr wrote: »
    Apparently "My dog's contagious!" tends to speed people up a bit more than "My dog doesn't want to meet yours"!

    Haha, that's so true! Rocky is often walked on lead (his recall is not great and I have to get to a relatively safe place with good visibility of what's coming before I let him off).

    Despite my efforts to keep away from other dogs on leads to stop the inevitable tangling of leads, plus since I have been pregnant he has been a little grumpy on a few occasions, lots of people still seem to rush over so their dogs can say hello. When I could say "he has an ear and eye infection" they couldn't get away quick enough. Not to mention last year when he had a skin infection and they could see his green/ yellow skin through his shaved patches! :rotfl:
  • meames_2meames_2 Forumite
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    Re original post, her dog ran over, jumped on top of mine yo get him down on the floor, I asked her to get her dog politely at least 5 times . She stroooollllled over, said her dog was playing and i was shouting. When I said perhaps I had to shout because she appeared to have not heard me. She called me an ffing t....
  • LiejaLieja Forumite
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    An off lead staffy went for me and Oscar a couple of days ago. It's owner was quite a way off and we heard the dog barking and growling before we saw it. It was really aggressive, and like gettingready, I thought about taking off Oscar's head collar so he could properly fight back (his lead was attached to his neck collar at the time so I'd still have a hold of him!). Thankfully Oscar got himself between the staffy and me, barked louder and made himself much bigger than the staffy so it backed off a bit (still being aggressive) until the owner strolled over.

    I was properly shaken up and I'm not usually scared of dogs.

    The owner's excuse? "The little jack Russell sets the big one off."

    Oh ... surely they should both be on a lead then? There are loads of elderly people and kids walking dogs where we were, and I dread to think what could happen if he's just wandering around with those two menaces running loose. I have no doubt that it would have gone for me if Oscar hadn't got in its way, and it would be entirely that rubbish owner's fault if that dog bit someone and ended up being destroyed.
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