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Completely why lost my husband I'll be although my me sharing this with you cut it's real and I think sometimes when you share real things it makes it more real to those who are listening I don't know why I lost him but I truly believe in my heart in spite of a pain and the hurt that all things work together for good in God is going to show me weather in this life or the life to come why this has happened to me and that same principle that when you can use in your own life listen to how one author expounds on this verse there is great hope in Romans 8:28 not only for believe was present and future circumstances but also for all that happened to them prior to salvation if a grown to leave a for instance who has survived great difficulties as a child sees that got can and does use every circumstance in his life or purpose there is hope for indeed God does use all things pass present future to work together for good to them that love God to them that are called according to His purpose remember what Joseph said to his brother’s but as for you yeah he fought evil against me but God mentored onto good to bring topazes as it is this day to save much people alive nod need they have been Christians who's most difficult childhoods prepare them for serving God in unique and important ways we have to believe that in if you’re listening today and you've been so to some trauma you've been through some hurt you been wounded you've been hurt believe that God can use you in especial way just because if these experiences he didn’t bring these experiences but he allowed them and what's a 10means for evil guy can use for good a man the other thing that I want you to recognize is that there are lessons that we can learn from the things that happen to us that are hurtful one person in a particular book that I read and I'm going to share it with you went through as our child he was an adult but as a child he went through a bitter divorce with his parents it shoe sat down he had a wonderful.
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