Reduced bbq meat

I've just been to my nearest sainsburys and it looks like they didn't check the weather forecast and stocked up on burgers and other BBQs meats this week....the up side is that they're now marking down all the BBQ products. Everything is half price then things that are nearing their date are further reduced on yellow stickers - including things that have a use-by of tomorrow.

I got packs of 4 taste the difference beef burgers for £1.25 (regular £5) and packs of 2 ttd chorizo and pork burgers for £0.82 (regular £3.29)...all now safely tucked away in the freezer for the next bit of bbq weather.

I was tempted by some of the other stuff (pork belly, shish kebabs, chicken skewers etc) but have very limited freezer space so held back!
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    This is still ongoing.
    Picked up a few packs of Burgers ( 54p for a pack of 6 ) , Kebabs, various flavours pork steaks ( £1 per pack of 4 good sized steaks )
    Will probably go back tomorrow night to see if they have any different YS stuff.

    The constant rain is good for something :)
  • Mine has a sign saying half price bbq goods due to the wet weather, get it while it lasts, so it all £2, but when reducing it goes down to 49p, which is a bargain.
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    It's the same with salad items as many people will only eat salad if it's warm and sunny. I eat it at least 4 times a week as a side salad regardless of the weather.

    Two years ago it was the Jubilee weekend and I could remember buying two carrier bags of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, spring onions etc for £2 at Sainsburys.

    With the BBQ meat, people do forget you can cook them on the grill, in the George Foreman etc.
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