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At the weekend i sold some old games and DVDs to WeBuyGames.co.uk, they offered me some great prices and i got 10% extra using a voucher code they posted on Facebook.

Have any of you guys used We Buy Games Before?

If so how long do they take to receive your games and pay?


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    Not used them before but a few prices against CEX (CEX first, WBG second, all PS3):

    FIFA 14 £12, £13.11.
    CoD Ghosts £10, £8.12
    GTA 5 £11, £10.62

    So some mixed prices. Also, when you search, it needs the barcode or it may not like it. Also have to pay returns if they don't like the quality. T&C's are out of date (link to an old address where they are "based" when it is different (should use registered office really)). Reviews seem ok.
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    I got paid today. The money was transferred directly into my account this morning, impressive as i only sent my box on Saturday.

    I was happy with the prices they offered and the convenience of the service. the closest CEX is 20 miles away so this service was perfect for me.

    I will be looking to offload some more games this weekend.
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