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New kitten and adult cat

in Pets & pet care
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We brought home a new kitten on Saturday and as instructed she's been in a 'safe room' for the past couple of days getting acquainted wit her new surroundings.

Our adult cat (a four year old male) has been supremely unconcerned about her presence (his routine hasn't changed at all and he seems his usual self). But he hates closed doors and this morning was trying to get into the kitten's room.

He didn't seem aggressive (just curious) so I put the kitten in her carrier and let him come in the room and explore. He wasn't aggressive but came and gave everything a good sniff. In fact he didn't really notice the kitten at all.

The kitten however was hissing from her carrier and seemed a bit distressed. Just wondering how to proceed now? Should I keep letting him in the room periodically when she's safe in her carrier? Or keep them totally apart? I don't want to freak her out but I also want to socialise them. I was sort of expecting the older male to be the one to be aggressive so not sure how to deal with an angry kitten!

After he left she chilled out immediately.

Any advice welcome!


  • LilyjadeLilyjade Forumite
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    Everywhere has different advice about introducing them. Personally I think it's better to not separate them, but I understand you would be wary with the kitten being a lot smaller than the cat. If you rehomed from a charity they would have checked that the kitten was ok with other cats and given you advice on how to introduce them.
  • southcoastrgisouthcoastrgi Forumite
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    just chuck them together, just make sure they can go & hide if they want to in another room, a couple of days & they will be fine
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  • lisajane8482lisajane8482 Forumite
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    When Misty joined our family the only time they were seperated was when we were out of the house. Even when we went to bed they were all left to get on with it.

    There was a lot of hissing and growing when we first got Misty (from Misty and Gizmo) but after about a week the hissing and growling had stopped and now nearly 5 weeks later the two of them are inseperable. Salem was just chilled and after the inital butt sniff he was happy.
  • just chuck them together, just make sure they can go & hide if they want to in another room, a couple of days & they will be fine

    This is what I always do when introducing a new kitten. I just make sure I don't leave them alone if I don't trust them not to have a fight. Make a big fuss of your Oldie when he is around the kitten so that he knows he's still top cat. The little 'un will soon adjust. It's very traumatic for kittens to start a new home. That and another, adult cat to get to grips with makes it stressful. Maybe being enclosed makes it more threatening to the kitten as it can't escape.

    Kitten will get used to him soon enough, but I always think leaving them loose enables them to get used to each other in their own time.

    I know it's always a difficult time for owners too! Good luck and don't get disheartened if it doesn't happen as quickly as you'd like. They will get there. In my experience it usually happens literally overnight - there's just no knowing when that night will come!

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