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I'm new to the forums and I hope it's not bad form if my first post is a question! Can anyone recommend a company to repair timber windows in Glasgow? One of the windows in my flat is rotting at the lower edge.

They aren't sash windows, they are horrible single-glazed wooden windows which pivot around a central point so that the lower portion of the window opens outwards and the top part of the window points inwards. Ideally I would like new windows with double glazing, but the council's Windows Policy means that if I replace my windows I need to get sash ones (even though I don't have sash ones now) and I can't afford these. I am just looking to get the current window patched up at a reasonable price. Can anyone recommend someone who could do this? Thank you.


  • Hey whinchat, did you ever get anyone to repair your window? I'm in a similar position, with old windows that need repaired or replaced. The problem is my building has been listed and it means I would have to replace with sashes...I can't afford that right now for all the windows.
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