MoneySaving Poll: How much do you spend on your hair?

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Poll started 13 May 2014

Is keeping your locks precious and perfect taking an ever bigger share of your disposable income? Is it women who are the big spenders, or do men tend to have more frequent cuts? We want to find out if the amount spent is hair-razing.

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  • building_with_lego
    building_with_lego Forumite Posts: 2,605
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    I pay £15 for my wet cut and blow dry plus my two children's trims. It turns out this is a MASSIVE mate rate discount- usually my stylist would charge £45 for a wet cut and dry..... I tip very generously ;)

    OH decided years ago that £20 spent on a set of clippers would be better than spending £5 every month or so. Twelve years later they're still going strong and have saved us a fortune over the years.
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  • Kabloomybuzz
    Kabloomybuzz Forumite Posts: 7 Forumite
    I pay £10 at my local market hairdresser.

    I don't tend to like going as most hairdressers annoy me as I don't want to join in the smalltalk. This one is ok then, and unlike most others, won't end up charging more by insisting they need to wash your hair to cut it
  • Jennifer_Jane
    Jennifer_Jane Forumite Posts: 3,237
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    Mine charges £25 and comes to me. So she doesn't have the cost of premises and utilities, and I don't have travel costs. Very happy as she is superb, and very, very nice.
  • Absinthe_Fairy
    Absinthe_Fairy Forumite Posts: 635
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    I live in London but I get my hair cut when I go and visit my parents in the North East. It's much cheaper, at £18, and the hairdresser has been cutting my hair on and off for about fifteen years, so she knows me and my hair well!
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  • londonlydia
    londonlydia Forumite Posts: 428
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    Have to say I'm one of the big spenders on this. I tend to go every two months, and it costs about £80-120 a time. That covers highlights, cut and bow dry, and a treatment. For me it's my luxury, and I look forward to it as I get a head massage and have a nice time. Plus, as I have psoriasis I prefer to get it done professionally as I can't have dye product touch my skin.

    Everything else I do at home though, from waxing, to threading, to tanning, to my nails which is a lot I think my overall beauty spend isn't too bad.
  • PasturesNew
    PasturesNew Forumite Posts: 70,698
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    I try to pay £10 or under for a dry cut - I don't have a wet cut as that's more money and a waste of time. I try to limit cuts to 3/year.

    I do like to have my hair highlighted.... but limiting myself to under £30/time it's done about once a year on average...... even the "local College" wanted over £70 for that!
  • belle_de_jour
    belle_de_jour Forumite Posts: 27
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    I have my hair cut a couple of times a year at a local, otherwise very expensive, salon's trainee evening. £15 a time for an excellent cut and I find it enjoyable being some of the trainees' first "real" customer.
  • DiscountofMonteCristo
    DiscountofMonteCristo Forumite Posts: 34
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    I bought a set of Babyliss clippers something like 5 or 6 years ago and haven't looked back since. It's just time and electricity, I don't even do it very often. I must say I wouldn't recommend that brand tho, various bits of it are breaking and probably a more upmarket and expensive model would last longer.

    As it happens there are several Turkish barbers on the main street near me who can do it for £7.50 including singeing the fluff and some sort of aftershave. I had a £5 cut elsewhere in the city some years ago. I really can't see how spending more would get me anything better.
  • LameWolf
    LameWolf Forumite Posts: 11,233
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    I haven't visited a hairdresser in over 30 years; the last time I tried, I had a major panic attack, as I can't cope with having strangers touch me; I vowed then never to put myself through that again.

    I have waist-length hair, and my husband keeps the ends trimmed for me.
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  • dastep
    dastep Forumite Posts: 39 Forumite
    I keep my hair short and can easily cut it myself with an electric trimmer, two mirrors and a pair of scissors and a comb, but I have been thinking about trying to get my hands on a vacuum cutting machine that one of my friends in America told me about.

    Flowbee has been on the market for years and it's a system that allows families to cut hair for members of the family using an electric clipper which attaches to the vacuum to pull the hair into the machine to clip all the hairs evenly.

    Wonder if anyone has found one here in the UK and are they any good?

    The claims being made are massive hair cut savings for the whole family which can get expensive for a family with several children who need constant haircuts.
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