Is bank arrestment possible in England?

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Hi people, and thanks for reading.

I used to live in Scotland, during which time I accrued a debt of £1200.03 for council tax. Apparently the 3p IS significant.

Its been about 3 and a half years since we moved back down south, and so far they haven't chased me for the money. However, today I have had a letter saying they are going to arrest my bank account to recover it. :(

Does anyone know if they are allowed to do this as I am now an English person living in England with an English bank account?

If they are able to do this, does anyone know how quickly they manage to put the stop on the account? I may be able to raise the money, but not very quickly, and can't risk having my account frozen for any length of time.

Thanks in advance.
Stuck in a hole :(:(:( Just a step from getting out


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