Council tax taken out too much money

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Hi all,
Bit of advice wanted really...

Basically I set up a direct debit to come out to pay £350 pounds I needed to pay off for my council tax. This morning they took £449 out.
When I rang to query this, they said its because they have taken this months new council tax as well as the £350 I needed to pay.

I'm quite cross as the conversation I had was that 350 would leave the bank and I would get a letter with new council tax payments (they didn't know at the time of the call how much the new council tax would be).
They don't seem to feel they have done anything wrong but I haven't set up a direct debit for the new financial year so they've taken the payment without my consent

Any help/ advice?!


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    How were you planning to pay this months Council Tax, if you don't pay by DD its due tomorrow?
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    Once a DD has been set up for Council Tax it continues as CT is ongoing. The council don't need your permission to vary the amount to accommodate the current year's CT, as a DD amount can be varied by the person or organisation who are being paid.
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