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Sky Plus

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What is the cheapest way to get sky plus,as an excisting customer


  • piltonvetpiltonvet Forumite
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    i dont think there is one ,sky dont care about exisiting customers just getting new ones too sign up.
    i`ve been with sky for a few years now,but refuse to pay the 150 quid for sky+.
    i think 99 quid is a fair price for all not just new customers!!!!!!!!
  • LaraLara Forumite
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    I signed up with Sky+ this morning as an existing customer. I very politely ;) asked why we have to pay £149 and new customers only £99. So he went through a load of stuff stating why we have to pay £149 etc etc. At the end he said he could help me with a package that was available to staff only. The box will have a full guarantee but the only difference is that it will have been taken out of the packaging and tested to ensure the software is alright. These packages are sold to staff only at a discount but he was willing to let me have one at the same price (£99) as long as I didn't tell my neighbours etc :rotfl: . After reading on here several times that the box has often been brand new anyway, I agreed his terms and it's being set up on Friday morning:) at the same cost as a new customer :j .
  • bbb_ukbbb_uk Forumite
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    I tried getting Sky+ for £99 but was told no. The only chance I could get it for £99 is if I took a reconditioned box but still with 12months warranty. I still declined though as I thought they'll come down eventually. I believe Telewest are in the next few months releasing their version of Sky+. If Telewest do their digiboxes cheaper then Sky+ will reluctantly follow.
  • You could have whoever pays for it cancel the subscription so long as you've had it more than 12 months. Then tell Sky its because your moving. Then get your partner or someone else who lives with you to order as a new customer.

    I did this and got it for £99. Fortunately I aint married so surnames were different and they were fine with it. I was told this would work off a Sky telesales guy who was working from a Sky trailer which was on display in the middle of the town centre. So if ou ever see one of these knocking around - go and speak to the shifiest looking sales rep. They will do everything they can to wangle it for you as they are desperate for commission.
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