Lawn looks more like weeds than grass!

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Hi I hope someone can advise me, I want a lovely lawn and just moved into a house with a lovely big back garden. Problem is that the grass seems to be more weeds than grass how can I kill the weeds and not what little grass there is?

Many Thanks

Steph x


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    You can buy selective weed/moss killers from garden centres, give it a few weeks and they sow bare areas with grass seed.
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    I'm not in favour of adding all sort of chemicals to kill weeds, so for starters i'd try and kill the weeds over time just by regular mowing and hope the grass may start to grow while you're cutting the weeds to stop them spreading.
    I read on the Internet that sprinkling salt onto any weeds kills them, i've tried with dandelions and it has killed some off, but it's going to take a long time.
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