Requesting second transfer into Nuvos after first transfer rejected?

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Thread title says it all really.

As background, I've recently joined Nuvos and would quite like to transfer in my accumulated pension to date. Unfortunately I consolidated my pension into my previous employer's pension and Nuvos won't accept the transfer due to a technicality (my existing scheme can't / won't confirm that benefits have been equalised. It's the DC section of an occupational hybrid scheme; I have no guaranteed benefits or GMP of any kind so I think it's ridiculous that Nuvos wants this but they obviously do)

If I were to transfer my existing pension into a stakeholder pension and then request that the new one is transferred, is Nuvos likely to accept this or will my previous request go against me? If Nuvos is unlikely to accept transfer I'll just go into a SIPP but don't want to do that if I want a quick transfer out again as that gets expensive.

Thanks in advance for any help :beer:
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