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Hi folks.
Can anyone tell me if the above debt collectors are still in operation please?

I ask because like many others I was contacted by a company doing ppi reclaims. I was absolutly , 1000% sure that I had not paid PPI but to shut them up I let NM claims handle a claim.
It was wasting thier time as I was sure i had not paid anything.
Anyway, The halfax had swapped my name, from first on the application form to be second in a joint application as I was on benefits whilst my wife worked. I had indeed paid PPI so I got a payment back of £300 or so.

Then a few weeks later General Recoveries contacted me as a "sister" company of NM claims regarding miss selling of mortgages naimly NRAM where they gave a smaller mortgage and a loan to make the shortfall etc.

I agreed to let them pursue a claim as it was very time consuming and needed solicitors involved etc so I paid up front £50 over the phone then they took two further payments of £30 a few weeks later.

That was back in may / july last year and despite many times of ringing the numbers I have leaving messages etc, I've had no replies. I've sent a letter asking for my monies back by recorded delivery and got no reply so I've drafted a "letter before action" ready to take a debt collector to the county court to recover my money.

I don't want to waste more money if they have gone bust or anything.
They returned accounts to companies house in December 2013 but that's all the info I can find.
Any phone calls to their helpline 01352 731009 go to recorded message, emails, are not answered.

I've used their contact form here

I quite like the idea of taking a debt collector to court but I would struggle to feed my family if i had to pay the court fees but I would pay them if I was confident of winning a CCJ etc.

Any advice greatly recieved.




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    No PPI complaint needs to have solicitors involved.
    You've been the victim of advance fee fraud. Thank your lucky stars it was only £110 pounds.

    If you had done it yourself you would have needed £1.20 for stamps and £1.20 maximum to print some paperwork off. Thats if there was a complaint to make in the first place.
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    It exists. As at about 18 months ago it had assets of £1,300 and liabilities of just under £78,000.

    Its sole director is a David James Soutter.

    I suggest you complain to [email protected]

    I also suggest you get on to your card provider and ask for a chargeback.
  • Thank you so much for advice, I'm off down to the bank now. I'll let you know what happens.
  • Been onto my bank, in this case it's Lloyds and they said they can't just do a credit to my account as I
    "probably signed an agreement with a clause in page 10 or something".

    So I was given the fraud department helpline who asked what I wanted. I told them I believed I was a victim of advanced fee fraud and could they give me my £110 back please. I explained my situation and then after 10 minutes of questions I was told that
    "I was at the wrong department as this is the fraud department, I'll transfer you to the correct desk, hold on."
    Which I did for 8 minutes and then I was spoken to by Sherwyn!
    Sherwyn asked me for the bank details, then asked me for fraud details, then looked at my account and told me details of my account THEN TOOK ME THROUGH SECURITY after I prompted him.

    Eventually after 55 minutes on the phone he told me that because it was more than 120 days he could do nothing except give me the trasding standards number.

    I phoned the TS number which was actually consumer direct and spoke to a lass called Katy. in less than 10 minutes she had taken my tale down, thought about it, confirmed with me facts I'd told her, checked with a co worker and then said they had committed a fraud by cold calling me offering certain services and not fulfilling them so with my permission she would forward it to the TS for action, she also told meto write a letter before action to them and then if no joy contact the Financial ombudsman and they would help me sort it out.

    I must say I was very impressed with the CD / TS help but still not got my money back.

    One question, will the Financial ombudsman be able to order them to give me my money back if they find in my favour?


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    One question, will the Financial ombudsman be able to order them to give me my money back if they find in my favour?

    The FOS will check to make sure the bank is complying with rules and guidelines. If it is found that they have not, then they will tell the bank to do what they are required to do.
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