MoneySaving Poll: What wouldn't you downshift on?

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Poll started 8 Apr 2014

Our Downshift Challenge is all about trying dropping one brand level, as the savings can be huge. Often, you can’t notice the difference, but that’s not always the case. And if the quality’s worse, going cheaper can (on occasion) be a false economy.

Which of these 18 common downshifts WOULDN'T you skimp on?

Did you vote? Why did you pick that option? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click this

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  • m1618m1618 Forumite
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    I already skimp (very happily) on pretty much everything, from tinned pineapple to computers. But I do insist on eating good quality bread.
  • littleratlittlerat Forumite
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    I'm surprised how many people will skimp on bin liners. I find cheap ones tear so quickly and easily they work out more expensive

    Also I put skimp on toilet rolls, but the Nicky ones we get are three ply, cheap and better than andrex.

    Sometimes price and quality don't match!
  • SailorSamSailorSam Forumite
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    littlerat wrote: »
    I'm surprised how many people will skimp on bin liners.

    Bin Liners ?
    Is that another name for carrier bags ?
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  • Alcoholic Drinks
    Quality counts, though the most expensive isn't always the best, the cheapest isn't always the worst. I often buy cheap brandy as I like it better than Martell, I often buy decent vodka (or the cheapest for cocktails with lots of mixer) don't touch Smirnoff unless it's on super cheap offer.

    Baked Beans
    Like low sugar and salt ones best (on taste not for health reasons) not over fussy which brand but usually not available super cheap.

    Cola Drinks
    Cola Zero by Sainsbury's is the best sugar free cola on taste and cheap.

    Fruit and Veg
    Skimp away in terms of I'll buy the basic/value/savers lines, I do also buy exotic stuff too which is more expensive.

    I have a friend who's a hair dresser, she's brilliant at a middling price for most people, she does it cheap for me so I get cheap and good quality.

    Pain killers
    Skimp away, the active ingredients are the same.

    Pet food
    Not got pets

    Razors/razor blades
    Buy cheap unless good quality are on any kind of offer, this makes them better value as they last longer.

    I'm vegetarian. I buy the vegetarian sausages that I like best unless there's an offer on.

    Has to be Original Source for me - I bulk buy when it's on offer.

    Quality counts - regular.

    Quality counts (I don't wear tights!!!) the cheapest tend to be thin and not last as long, simply a false economy.

    Tea Bags
    Cheapest are fine for normal tea, I like Red Bush and Earl Grey as well and pay for quality here.

    Tin Foil
    The lovely other half buys this, wouldn't know :-)

    Toilet Roll
    Skimp away for me but we don't, nobody else thinks the same as me!

    Don't wear any.

    Washing up liquid
    Buy the cheapest unless dearer stuff is on cheap offer, the cheap ones tend to be more watery and you need to use more, if the expensive stuff is on offer it works out better value.
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  • XRATXRAT Forumite
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    littlerat wrote: »

    Also I put skimp on toilet rolls, but the Nicky ones we get are three ply, cheap and better than andrex.

    Sometimes price and quality don't match!

    There's nothing worse than finding that you're using cheap toilet paper when it's already too late!
  • chocaholicmancchocaholicmanc Forumite
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    Absolutely could not skimp on hairdressers/shampoo & conditioner! Although I think my hairdresser is pretty reasonable. I have waist length hair and a full head of highlights, cut and blow is £70 which I think is really good value consudering how long I'm in there! I suppose I do skimp in terms of how often I have it done though; 3/4 times a year rather than every 6 weeks.

    Also cannot use cheap shampoo/conditioner. I use Lush or Liz Earle which I know are ridiculously priced but I find most cheaper brands (pantene, etc) leave me with an itchy scalp and horrible greasy looking hair. Some things are absolutely worth paying for!

    Also baked beans; never tasted any beans as nice as Heinz. Just not worth the savings!
  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    I went into a walk in hairdressers a few weeks ago, had a cut and blow dry. Cost £10. BIG mistake, it looked ghastly. I went back to my usual hairdresser to tidy it up.

    Cheap foil, bin bags etc total waste of money as you need more.
  • a4aa4a Forumite
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    It would be interesting to know if people skimp because they are short of money or if they believe that own brands aren't worth paying for, i.e. if you won the lottery, would your opinion change ?
  • After Eights. There are no substitutes. :D
  • Interesting, and most of my answers matched up with the rest!!! I'm a stickler for Heinz baked beans!!
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