Hi all

I wanted to see if I can get some advice on what to do about my situation and see if it is unique in anyway..... I understand that initial advice is to read the stickies etc which I have done which has taken a while to be honest I'm a little confused with all the info So I just wanted to also check that the action I have in mind is correct for my situation.

I have basically been issued with 6 PCN's back in 2012 for not displaying a parking ticket in a UK NCP car park.... I followed advice at the time to ignore under Newllyn debt recovery letters etc and they gave up although now it seems they are back on my case sending debt recovery letters under DR+ although the letters sound more serious and are threatening with court action etc and this time offered me a reduced settlement figure under the 'pre-action' guidelines etc

Each letter they were requesting £125 (x6) the reduced settlement amount is £95 (x6)..... I'm quite tempted to just pay it to get these pests off my back...... because I have 6 tickets which add could potentially add up to a substantial amount taking into account additional court and solicitor fee's would they be more liable to take me to court so would the normal procedures apply?

They have given me until 10th April to pay or court proceedings will commence.

Is my best course of action to send the letters back to DR+ telling them the debt is denied and refer back to their client (NCP)..... where I also send a letter to NCP stating I decline their invitation to pay, request they send a standard cancellation letter or a specific detailed rejection letter stating basis etc of their allegation and continue to say their unsupported/unsolicited invoice will constitutue harassment etc and insist I will claim costs from them.


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