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Thinking about this for the garden etc and was wondering if anybody knows how to build one and not buy one??

What do I need to get etc and thanks for sharing


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    Just google it - there are loads of designs.

    Main ones seem to involve using either plastic crates or a small water butt. I reckon you could put one together for under a tenner plus the cost of worms if you want to buy the tiger worms.

    I noticed that one of the companies that started selling them now only sells lots of accessories but not the actual wormeries themselves which might say something.

    We have a couple we picked up cheap on ebay but too early to say if the verdict is hit or miss as only been going a month or so.

    They dont smell, which was my concern but the worms can only handle their bodyweight in a week so for a family of five they only take a small amount of the food waste so we still end up composting or binning a load.

    I was tempted to make worm city beast with a 220 litre water butt - the other half said no - she says that a lot.

    One day I will build it - the king of all wormeries.
  • I've had a wormery for years, it doesn't compost all my waste, but a good amount of it.

    Cheap ones come up on ebay from time to time or why don't you email wormcity as they occasionally do seconds , you might get lucky like I did.
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    I have had a wormery for a few years and have never got on top of it, you would think that it was foolproof but I have managed to kill them and for some reason or other they always seem to be trying to escape, I have taken it to the allotment now and left it to its own devices this is the last chance saloon for those worms.
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