"best" fibre/tv/phone offer


I am currently on sky with ADSL2 and their entertainment+ pack. This costs me £40 per month (plus line rental with BT). If I want to upgrade to 76Mb/s fibre it's going to cost me about £60/month.

The only other way I can see of getting the tv channels I want is with either BT infinity 2 or talktalk.

Infinity is the cheapest (£33/month) but has the worse (but acceptable) selection of channels. However I hear bad things about customer service.

Talktalk is around £43/month but has more channels - how are they customer service wise?

Any other alternatives? I believe none of these services use packet shaping, the only big use I do of the internet is torrenting (hence why I am going for 76Mb it has a much better upload speed) and if they packet shape it really defeats the purpose of getting it.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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