'The government’s energy changes mean fewer people will switch' blog discussion

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  • mbb123
    mbb123 Posts: 352 Forumite
    would not contacting people mean that you cant suggest they visit the site via another source such as the weekly e-m for example for a message and tell them that its time to do another comparison when they do visit the site ?
  • izzyuk59
    izzyuk59 Posts: 11 Forumite
    Whilst I agree with a lot of what you are all saying do any of you actually read your meters weekly/daily/at all??????? You would see where your energy (money goes) if you did. I narrowed mine down to the gas fire in the living room so it is now limited and timered to stop over use and large debts. I have cut our direct debits by £50 a month by being prudent yet still warm. I use a tumble dryer on wet days (no dishwasher though, mine has 2 legs and no plug) and have a temperature controlled central heating set @ 20*C which is more than comfortable. Blaming companies for higher bills when you aren't checking the meter yourself is (and always will be) a recipe for debt and disaster. I have to pay but I pay on my terms not theirs by sheer hard work monitoring what is used and double check the bill for mistakes.;)
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  • Good article, Martin.

    I recently wrote to Caroline Flint, MP, after her appearance on Andrew Marr about the utility companies and raised the issue of how long it takes to switch from one company to another.

    With the new guarantee offered by banks for switching of seven days, I cannot believe that utility companies cannot be able to hit this as well - at least a bank has to physically note any direct debits and standing orders that need to be changed.

    For a utility company, nothing changes: the meters are the same and the gas and electricity are the same - why does it take so long?

    This must stop some people from switching companies.
  • Consumerist
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    Am I correct in thinking the government's reduction of green taxes on energy bills serves only to worsen the competitive position of the smaller suppliers which didn't pay them in the first place?

    Surely we need to improve the competitive position of the smaller suppliers if we are to slacken the grip of the big six.
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  • davidxhobbs
    davidxhobbs Posts: 10 Forumite
    I switched one of my fuels within the same supplier yesterday and ,as I couldn't work out how to split a dual fuel deal, I did it by phone. I was kept waiting about 25 minutes and then the simple process took 30 minutes to complete. This was all due to the ridiculous amount of verbiage the operator in now forced to read out to me due to the changes introduced by Ofgem on 1st April. I won't be switching by phone again!
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