Sky gobbled up my advance line rental!

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I had paid a one year advance line rental for Sky talk inOctober 2013, when the deal was still available and shown on their website. 119.40GBP for one year line rental seemed like a good deal. I was guilty of notchecking my online Sky bills very carefully for a few months (I also have BBand TV with Sky), till I found out on 10th March 2014 that Sky had been billing memy monthly line rental since October anyway!

I had a long and agitated online chat with a Sky advisor on10th March, who told me that the said advance rental deal had expiredjust before I paid for it, and assured me that I will get my money back within5 working days. I didn’t get anything back, and didn’t hear from Sky till 17thMarch. So I had another online chat with another advisor on 17th March, with the same ‘youwill get your money within 5 working days’ promise. Nothing has happened tilldate. I will try once more today. 119.40 is a lot of money for me. Besides, it’smystifying how Sky managed to take the money if there was no offer, and can’tseem to be able to return it now.
Perhaps those mulling over one year line rental with Talktalk or Post Office may want to be careful in checking their bills.
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