Zoara.com vs bluenile.com vs jamesallen.com vs other

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I am just after an unbiased review on these websites. I'm after an engagement diamond ring at around 0.5ct at around $2000 (very roughly).
However it's been difficult to decide. I'm more inclined towards Zoara since I haven't found many negative reviews, whereas for the other two I've found a mixed of sentiments, plus I can't really tell how many of the reviews are coming from competitors or marketing agencies. So any comments would be appreciated.


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    My OH got me a pair of diamond earrings from blue Nile for Christmas they are gorgeous and really good value for money.. Have you also looked at Samara James for engagement rings mine came from there in 2009 and I'm just about to get it recoated for the first time (it's white gold) it's worth around £1600 we paid around £500.

    Hope that helps

    Steph x
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    Thanks for letting me know that you were satisfied from blue nile, however I am concerned about rings and not earrings.
    Also, I've found a website which detailed a very poor packaging and customer service from blue nile.
  • The earrings that came from Blue Nile came in a box from fed ex there was nothing on it saying Blue Nile so it was pretty secure :)
  • I think since you are not convinced with the delivery of Blue Nile as heard by one of your friends, you can tryout some other trusted names like Angara and Gemvara. I have recently ordered a ring from Angara, and got the exact piece in my hand as it is shown in the picture online. Moreover, the service they give to customers is simply worth appreciating. And the budget you have mentioned can make you fetch a gorgeous piece in diamonds.

    On top of all this, they offer a wide variety in engagement rings, with a detailed description about the product. The store is both vintage and posh, especially in its engagement ring collection. You can find the newest corps displayed in their webshop; many of them give a celeb look. You can take a look at these stores: Blue Nile, Angara, Gemvara, and James Allen. And I am pretty sure you will find just the right piece for you.
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