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'Dig your heels in if you’re owed an insurance claim' blog discussion

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'Dig your heels in if you’re owed an insurance claim' blog discussion

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  • LisaburLisabur Forumite
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    We are in desperate need of some advice. on December 26th at approx 12.10am we had an arson attack on our property causing over £20,000 damage not to mention my lifely hood and sentimental items belonging to my husbands parents. Firstly we were interviewed like criminals and then did not hear a thing from the insurance until may 7th yes thats right may so took over 5 months to gain a reply from these people.
    Our letter states discrepancies of events and basically making silly accusations like my son was intoxicated on the night yet the fire service state he was wide awake and talking, i mean what the hell has that to do with the fire. We are at our wits end with this, as one i have mental health problems and my husband has heart problems. This has seriously left us out of pocket not to mention my job. We still have the mess as it contains asbastos we cannot just remove the mess, we are experiencing rats and finding this really all very very stressful. We just need advice on the next step as the letter states "due to the apparent discrepancies your insurers remain concerned over the validity of the claim. By proxy wish to reserve all rights to the claim and the policy as a whole whilist looking forward to our considered comments.
    We were adviced to get legal help but this is just not possible on one wage and so we can't afford to see a solicitor.
    HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!
  • cajefcajef Forumite
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    Post in the Insurance board, this forum is Martin's Blog.
    I used to have a handle on life, but it broke. :|
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