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Are my solicitors fees fair ?

I read an article posted here in 2014 about a firm called who audit the costs of solicitor fees, however, when I tried to find this website it does not show up. Does anyone know of such a firm as I feel I am being unfairly charged,
In a nutshell - started proceedings to obtain a lease of a cafe back in October 2013 and because of the Landlords solicitor being too busy (his words) to do the licence to assign and deed of variation he passed them over to my solicitor.This was in December 2013. We are now near completion but it has taken numerous emails and phone calls plus threats of court action against tenants solicitor for taking so long and withholding consents to get to this stage. Of course we have now been billed for these extra email, phone calls and letters and when I have complained about the costs to my solicitor she has replied that although she sympathises with the fees she cannot do anything about them as she had to do the work by being proactive and chasing him.
I do not think the fees are fair and also there are yet to come the landlords fees (although he has done nothing to date) which we will have to pay. Does anyone know who I can complain to about this without taking on the legal system myself. Apparently did this sort of thing and saved clients a lot of money regarding fees
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