Switched energy firm in the past six years? You may be owed a share of £200m

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    Dave_save wrote: »
    It's time we had an OFGEM representative on these boards, so they could be informed how utterly useless and irrelevant their organisation has become.
    I think they must be aware of consumers' opinions but they are in denial. There is never any evidence, as far as they are concerned, to have to do the job they are paid to do.

    In a recently TV news interview about the money held by energy suppliers, Ofgem openly admitted it prefers to do absolutely nothing more than wait until the suppliers do nothing before it will look at it again.

    Labour have the right idea - Abolish Ofgem then, at least, they will no longer be paid for perpetually staring at their navels, Good Riddance.
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    Last November I finally gave EDF the elbow and moved my electricity account to the Co-op. What a fantastic difference Customer Service wise. I would recommend the Co-op to anyone.
    EDF then told me that I still had an amount of £33 owing to them, I told them to go away and redo their sums as according to my calculations I was in credit. EDF then sent me a cheque for £23 but still kept chasing me for £33!!
    After 15 weeks of non stop hassle EDF agreed that they had mixed up my day rate with my Economy 7 night rate and agreed to refund me the difference of £735!!
    I told EDF I would accept this but only if they paid me an extra £100 compensation for all the stress I had endured. EDF said no way so I told them to forget it and I would issue summons in the Small Claims Court, Lo and behold a week later I had £735 plus £100 paid into my bank.
    The moral of the story is stick to your guns as some of these energy companies think hey can get away with anything.
    If you are with EDF consider moving.
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    I think I have switched from N power to Co-op energy, but who can tell. When I look online they both think they are my supplier now.

    I thought it would be like banks - one closes the other opens. N power do not even have any note of my closing meter readings anywhere. They have even made a botched attempt to fix my tariff, which I asked them to do 6 months ago, I say botched because now my account with them has gone from dual fuel to just electric dint know what they did with the gas.

    But I did inform them in February I was switching and the date, the switch was supposed to happen 3/03/14, so issued meter readings to both parties.

    I am hugely in credit with N Power and have asked for them to finalise my account and return this several times now and nothing.

    So if they are not going to respond or refund and keep thinking they supply me what then.
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    I'd say it was time to start their complaints procedure. They seem to be be reluctant to issue complaints reference numbers over the phone so it would probably be best to send your complaint by Recorded Delivery post. Head the letter with the word Complaint in bold or they will just regard it as an "enquiry".

    If they haven't got you sorted after 8 weeks of receiving the complaint then you can refer the matter to the Ombudsman Services: Energy. It's important to keep a record of all communications with nPower - dates, times and names.

    Good luck.

    It might be a good idea to check again with Co-op to see whether they regard themselves as your supplier for both gas and electricity at the moment. If they do then ask what date(s) the transfer(s) took place.
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  • I switched from with NPower in December of last year after some particularly shoddy customer service. I have been trying to get a final bill since then and despite several emails they still have over £600 in my account. I have tried contacting the Ombudsman but was told I had not 'fully escalated my complaint' so they will still not be involved for a further 8 weeks. As far as I can see NPower are simply interested in keeping money in the account for as long as possible and really could not be more obstructive if they tried.
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