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Can anyone recommend anywhere where I can get some leather bike jeans. Unfortunately I'm a ladies size 18-20 so the shops I've tried don't have anything to fit. So far I've tried Bike Gear at Ashton, The Rocket Centre at Blackburn and ESB in Bolton. I live in the Bolton area but don't mind a bit of a journey if I can get something that will fit. I've looked on the internet but am wary of buying clothes as I don't know how they'll fit and bike leathers being heavy will cost a bit to return if they don't fit. I'm sure I can't be the only larger size female biker out there.


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    give On Ya Byke in Manchester a ring. If they don't have anything in, they'll be able to tell you which manufacturers do good ladies kit. 0161 833 0882
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    I had this problem,before I lost the weight ,i was a size 18/20 and couldn't get anything to fit properly,in desperation I tried men's leather trousers and they fitted perfectly,I didn't like the men's jackets though,so asked the shop if they could order a ladies size 20,they managed to get me a ladies 20 from Buffalo,not my first choice,but actually looked quite good :)
    If you had posted a couple of weeks ago,i could have sold you my gear,we sold the bike last week and all clothing went with it! sorry!
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    Save your money and go to the NEC bike show my girlfriend picked up a couple of pairs of leather jeans and a racing one piece late in the afternoon I think it was on day three of the show for less than £50 for the jeans and £99 for the one piece, black and yellow 6mm triple stiches seams kevlar strech panels and kevlar body armour already inserted mesh lining removable for washing.They have some real bargins.
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    Hi Livinginhope,

    Can you tell me what make of mens trousers you tried. So far all the ones I've tried haven't fit properly. Maybe if I had a brand to look out for it might make things easier.
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