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'Ignore mortgage APR rates, they're a meaningless load of b…aloney!' blog discussion

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  • RaspberryFoolRaspberryFool Forumite
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    I can understand your argument but I thought that one of the advantages that the APR had over the 'advertised rate' was that it included all the fees and other charges that one might get charged for arranging the mortgage. I don't believe that simply comparing the advertised rates will work as you infer. A quick look around shows some providers advertising what appear to be very low fixed rates for two years but with a fee of £2000, whilst others show a higher rate but only charge a fee of ~£500. May be another requirement for an MSE tool?

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  • JimmyTheWigJimmyTheWig Forumite
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    I agree, Raspberry Fool.
    I always say that you need a sort of APR equivalent for the length of the deal.
  • MobeerMobeer Forumite
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    Yet another article that forgets about fees!
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