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Hello everyone

i dont earn alot right now as i am going to be going to uni at the age of 25 and just have a part time job at the moment where i get around 44 hours aweek over the summer till i start studying at my uni.

but i still want to invest a small amount of my earnings in to shares and get it growing, i have just started putting £50 every 4 weeks into a natwest ISA. but i want to start using shares as well.

any advice please would be great



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    IMO bad move unless you can leave it (or afford to lose it completely) for at least 5 years.
    What will you live on when at Uni?
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    well i am appyling for student finance while i study, but i will also still work at my part time job, just less hours, but i have come to the thinking that no matter what i earn i can afford to atleast use 10% of it for savings or shares etc.

    i do not want to invest heavy and try get rich quick etc, my plan is to invest what i can and have it grow over time
  • I would advise that you build up savings equivalent to 3 - 6 months money to live on. This incase things go pear shaped.

    Once you have done that, you can start investing in shares.

    Good luck with the course! I also applaud your resolve to save 10% of your earnings.
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    thank you for the advice :)
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