Cucumber Restina/Gherkin

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For the first time I have grown some Cucumber Restina which are now about 3 inches long. The packet says 'ideally suited as gherkins'. Does anyone know what will happen if I don't pick them now but allow them to grow on. And can I eat them like a cucumber - just sliced or are they only edible pickled.


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    We had those last year, they were ones that were best to be gherkins, if not the same variety. The skin of ours were quite spiky so we had to peel them off. The skins were also very strong in taste - we ate all ours quite small, but we found the only issue was the seeds, which got very big inside even though the cuc was quite small - they are still edible if you bear in mind why they would best be suited to being eaten gherkin size.
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