Moving - Should I Use an Unlicensed Cabby ?

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Hi Good Folks

A question.
I am moving house this weekend - but it's just a big luggage case and a box or two - basically stuff I can fit into an ordinary car.

I have two options:
1. Lug with great strain the stuff over 2/3 trips using le tube (say 0.45-1 hour trip each time)

2. My friend said I could call an unlicensed cab company and they would do it for about 30 quid.

Basically the latter would save a lot of effort! So I am thinking it makes sense...but

1. I don't have experience with the latter. I heard that unlicensed cabs can be unsafe/dodgy - is this true?
I rang one and they quoted me 30.

Does anyone know of any RISKS of going with them - or are they actually generally OK?

THANKYOU so much for any tips/advice/experience - I'm quite new round here so any advice would be great.



  • MarkytMarkyt Forumite
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    As far as I know, insurance is invalid if the cab isn't registered. Any accident and you are on your own.
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    depends where you are in the country now
    in London all taxis and private hire vehicles have to be licensed and registered.
    normally i would never recommend using a private hire vehicle but in your case the practicality of using a private hire estate vehicle takes precedence
    phone up a reputable company , personal recommendation is good here
    check that the vehicle has the correct valid plate
    (ie not out of date and with the vehicle reg) in London a PH car has to have a round sticker on both the front and rear screens.
    check that the driver has the correct id badge
    good luck with your move
    speed is good
  • cant you ask a car -owning friend?
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    Think you mean a mini-cab/private hire service, as opposed to liciensed taxi.

    The main difference being cabs need advance bookings & can't park on a rank, be hailed from the street, or ply their trade, other than directly from their office.

    They wiill all be insured/authority checked & roadworthy (in theory), so just book & save a few £$£$.

    their will be clear identification numbers on the car, so you won't be caught out!

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    £14 and more than 2 years diving and you could get a transit van for the day, a lot more room for shifting junk
  • Unlicensed taxis are killing taxi firms in some areas. They are unlicensed becuase they've not been checked by the council. Their insurance, if they have any, would only allow them to use the car for social purposes. Anything other than that and the insurance is invalid. More often than not the cars aren't even MOT'd. They're complete wrecks and I'd sooner pay the fare to a legitimate company than take a risk with an unlicensed idiot just out to scam money.
    This country is called Great Britain. It would be called Amazing Britain if it wasn't for people like you pulling the average down
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    floatsy wrote: »

    2. My friend said I could call an unlicensed cab company and they would do it for about 30 quid.

    My husband is a licenced London private hire driver. The industry is so tight now (especially in London the PCO runs them with TfL).

    Can I ask you where in the country this unlicenced cab company is. Will you report them to the police/council or both? Or name & shame them & allow me or one of us on here to do it?

    Are you sure you don't mean a licenced private hire company, because I can't really see how in this day & age a cab office could run unlicenced.

    IF it is unlicenced they won't have hire & reward insurance & EVEN if they did it wouldn't be valid.

    If my hubby does a private job, like a regular rings him on the phone for a pick up, he still puts it through the cab office so its a legitimate job & is thereby covered properly for insurance.

    If they are ilegal they should be stopped.
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    What a f*cking stupid question! :rolleyes:

    Your school obviously failed you. Why don't you sue them?
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    kimevans wrote: »
    My husband is a licenced London private hire driver.

    Do you mean a cabbie? :undecided
  • milkydrinkmilkydrink Forumite
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    Do you mean a cabbie? :undecided

    No a London licenced private hire driver - but he is doing "the knowledge" in his spare time to be a black cab driver (cabbie).
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