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    Burpees are a no go as I have no motivation to do them but a bike or rowing machine would be doable as I could use the machine in front of the tv. Ideally I want to lose weight rather than toning up a particular area.

    Outdoors stuff is only really an option at the weekend as I live in a rural area with no streetlights so don't venture outside in the dark. There are no pavements so it's too dangerous to even walk the dogs at night.

    Pauline, you would be surprised at the toning from a power plate. They are amazing - I have buns of steel hidden under a layer of fat lol.

    I think I would be tbh, there are a couple in my gym, I know a lot of people who work in the industry who say avoid.

    The rowing machine is probably my favourite piece of kit at the gym, but the thing is, Id be very surprised even if you say you dont have a lot of motivation, that you wouldnt get bored with it at some point.

    The best way to get fit is to mix up your routine. I did cardio and a lot of it for years but it wasnt doing anything for me when I went back to it after an injury.

    Ive spent the last 8 months doing high intensity interval training classes, including a lot of burpees, weights and I also do kettlebell classes. Im over 15kg lighter than I was this time last year.

    Cardio will only do so much before you will probably start to plateau and yes, what you eat is very important, as the saying goes, you cant outtrain a bad diet.
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    Replace it with a better rowing machine, I have one. It's an awesome all round machine that just 5-30 minutes a day you will benefit from
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